how to make corn pizza at home

For food lover like us, just the cute mention of pizza at any time can make us all drool and leave all yearning to have pizza as soon as possible. ... More

how to make a survivor themed room

Camping Themed Marriage Survival Kit Room lettings. Yes, it does sound which includes the boarding house of that old west and it is, but they will help you survive hour and hour. If you are one on the lucky one's to possess a home perform move just yourself anyone have are alone or all your family to one or two rooms at a corner of dwelling. Close off a regarding the family room to add another ... More

how to put icing on cupcakes with a ziplock bag

I always use a coupler because frosting can squeeze out of the gaps between the bag and the tip. Also, using a coupler means the coupler not the tip is in the bag with all the frosting. This means I can easily remove the tip and use it on another bag with a different frosting color. ... More

how to open pdf file from website in web browser

The file itself is created on the fly using itextsharp and displays file if i right click and tell it open with "IE" or Acrobat the only time it comes up with the box is when I use the web browser … ... More

how to make a microsoft email

Email Newsletters using Microsoft Access email lists customized to include each recipient's name, address, and other specific data in the email, and sending ... More

how to make the move tool dissapeare inzbrush

For that scroll down in the Right panel and under the "Tool" menu, select "Cylinder 3D" first and then hit the "Make Polymesh 3D" button to convert it to Poly 3D. After that simply drag inside the … ... More

how to make x shaped table legs

In addition to these, several of the coffee table legs are presented in a heftier scale such as the Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg or the Tapered Mission Coffee Table Leg. For a coffee table that is elegant without pretension we offer our Cabriole Coffee Table Leg . ... More

how to make pivot table show monthly data in excel

And those features make the pivot table a very useful tool for data analysis. The image below shows the pivot table in a worksheet. The image below shows the pivot table in a worksheet. The first column is the date of the range. ... More

how to make meringue swirls

For the ripple colour effect, dip a wooden or metal skewer into your chosen food colouring and swirl it through each meringue. 5. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. ... More

how to make zombies perk a cola

File:Speed nuka Cola.jpg. Speed Cola is one of the available Perk-a-Cola machines available in Zombie mode. It can be purchased for 3000 points (making it the second most expensive), and is featured in all zombie maps excluding Nacht der Untoten. ... More

how to make an earthquake for a school project

Promoting safe buildings for school children. What is SESI? SESI is a global and collaborative network of diverse, expert, and passionate professionals who are committed to creating and sharing knowledge and tools that enable progressive, informed decision making around school earthquake safety. ... More

how to make number private android

It can happen to you that you receive calls to your Android smartphone, for which the number is suppressed. Usually the smartphone is ringing for a while. ... More

how to say thompson in chinese

It’s impossible to say what negotiations have taken place between the Obama administration and the Chinese government behind closed doors, but open retaliation for Chinese monetary policies ... More

how to open your dms

File Access - Configuring a DMS. In order to interface with a DMS directly through Revu, configure an interface for that DMS in Revu from the File Access preferences. ... More

how to say in french hi

4/10/2007 · Salut! j'essaye de laisser un message en français et je voudrais dire: Hi! just wanted to say hi and see how things are going for you. I hope everything is going good, give me a call me back , I'd love to catch up! ... More

how to play nds on android

The games were great, the controls were quite easy to use and the graphics were the best I have ever seen on a handheld console. Now it’s time to checkout the best NDS emulators for Android so that we can all play these wonderful games on our own phones and tablets. ... More

how to receive medicare payments

Medicare Easyclaim is used for bulk bill and/or patient claims including Enhanced Primary Care (EPC). There are three payment options for patient claims that can be lodged through Medicare Easyclaim. ... More

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to play 2 player

Once done, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" players can blast the well-known Disk Jockey's music in Conton City by talking to a character named DJ, who will change the background music to Aoki's first track. ... More

how to make bean bags without sewing machine

Have them walk (“run”) without bending their knees and without letting the bean bags fall to the ground. If they drop, they have to pick them up, run back to the start and begin again. To really get the kiddos into it, have them moan like mummies! ... More

how to make love to a woman soundtrack

There are certain songs us women hear and we think: I'm going to make sweet love to this song when I meet the guy I'm meant to be with. Alli, 29, says that this one is hers. "This is the song you ... More

how to make crispy pata crispier

Clean pata and slit skin (3-4 slits on both sides) without cutting bone. Place in a deep pan with a tight cover. Add water, 7 Up and salt. Bring to a boil. After 15 minutes, add baking soda. Baking soda will hasten the softening of the pata’s skin. Continue cooking. If water dries up and pata is ... More

how to make fried brie

We've got more deep fried brie recipes dishes, recipes and ideas than you can dream of! We use cookies to enhance your experience, for analytics and to show you offers tailored to your interests on our site and third party sites. We may share your information with our advertising and analytic partners. ... More

how to make a sofa cover fit

Sew all four corners. Fit it back into the seat with the right side up. Check if it is nice and tight. If it's loose all you have to do is make another stitch. Once you are happy with the fit, feel free to cut off the excess fabric and cord it, or over-lock it. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 6: Back Rest. Cut the back rest as per measurement. Here you would get a long rectangle ... More

how to deposit cash and receive

Receive & Receipt Payment When payment is made to an account it must be entered into the database, thus ensuring the accuracy and currency of the account record. To maintain a system of checks and balances, you should first provide a manual receipt for the money and enter the amount received into the Cash … ... More

how to say dead in japanese

How to say "dead" in Japanese? 死にました 0 0 How to say "dead" in others languages. German; Vietnamese; French; Spanish; Italian ... More

how to make a email alias

21/12/2018 An email alias is an email address that conceals your actual email address from a recipient. An alias can help you manage the email you receive, and monitor the ... More

best free apps and how to put on android

This app was one of the first in the Android printer apps list to offer Google CloudPrint service back in 2011. And it is still one of the most reliable ones available to date. ... More

how to say can i have your number in spanish

25/11/2009 Best Answer: Pouvoir j'ai votre nombre yours? Puis-je avoir votre numero Puis-je avoir votre numero ? Pourrais-je avoir ton/votre numero? If it is someone you are friendly with, to be casual just say : "C'est quoi ton numero de telephone? otherwise, just say "puis-je ... More

how to put an emergency number on s7

28/04/2018 · xda-developers Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Questions & Answers use the emergency recovery function in the smart switch pc software by alleshi XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. ... More

how to make youtube playlist play continuously

Search YouTube to Create Playlist The world's largest music database is now at your fingertips. Simply input the name of the song or artist in the search box, and instantly get the most relevant results that can be easily added to your playlist with one click. ... More

how to make a medieval tabard

You will stand tall and proud with this fitted black tabard. The tabard gives new meaning to strength in numbers, giving you a sense of invincibility and comradery when worn atop your armor. ... More

how to return the copy an object in an object

JavaScript: function returning an object. Ask Question 62. 28. I'm taking some JavaScript/jQuery lessons at Normally the lessons provide answers or hints, but for this one it doesn't give any help and I'm a little confused by the instructions. It says to make the function makeGamePlayer return an object with three keys. //First, the object creator function ... More

how to make your body smooth

first you need to make a wooden pattern of the shape u want then take i mould of the pattern. u then want to remover the pattern clean up the mould make sure there are no bumps or dimples this can be fixed with bog/filler. once the mould is nice and smooth you then want to was it so your finished product doesnt stick dont be shy with it the ... More

how to work out probability with mean and standard deviation

4 Mean and Variance of the Poisson distribution In general, there is a formula for the mean of a Poisson distribution. There is also a formula for the standard deviation, ˙, and variance, ˙2. If X ˘Po( ) then = ˙ = p ˙2 = 5. 5 Changing the size of the interval Suppose we know that births in a hospital occur randomly at an average rate of 1.8 births per hour. What is the probability that ... More

how to make a barometer with household items

A barometer measures air pressure: A “rising” barometer indicates increas­ing air pressure; a “falling” barometer indicates decreasing air pressure. Many barometers use Mercury tubes to help measure the air pressure but today we are going to make one that will work using a few items … ... More

how to make a ziggy stardust costume

So when I decided to do my own interpretation of Ziggy Stardust this year, I wanted to execute it with great precision—but, in true ever-evolving Bowie fashion—express myself while I was at it ... More

how to plan a date for him

We know that our readers here at YouQueen are women of the 21st century! They are not the type of ladies that are going to sit around waiting for their men to come up with some grand romantic gesture (no matter how much they deserve it). We’re just as capable at planning a romantic escape as the ... More

how to make the molovtov cocktale in terria

Make a slot in the can’s lid for the time fuse to pass through when the lid is closed. If available, attach a rope with bent nails or a grapnel to the can. When you throw the can onto a vehicle, the bent nails or the grapnel will help hold the can on the vehicle. Before throwing the can, fire the fuse igniter. ... More

how to make flash memory

USB flash drives are small memory drives that plug into your computer's USB port. A USB flash drive is similar in nature to the hard drive in your computer, except that it's designed to be easily portable. Before a hard drive can be used on your computer as storage, it needs to be formatted. In the ... More

how to open port in windows server 2012 video

3/07/2017 Windows gets very picky about opening port 443 without a TLS certificate. Hi I wonder if you can help, I cant seem to open port 443 on my windows 2012 server I have enabled Hyper-V Replica HTTPS Listener (TCP-In) on the firewall and I have added anoth... ... More

how to make salad cream like heinz

Salad cream is a creamy, pale yellow condiment based on an emulsion of about 2550 percent oil in water, emulsified by egg yolk and acidulated by spirit vinegar. It may include other ingredients such as sugar , mustard , salt , thickener, spices , flavouring and colouring . [1] ... More

how to write a qa test plan

Diligent QA Tester with more than five years of experience testing Web-based applications. Proficient in test strategy implementation test plan development test execution and bug tracking. ... More

how to seriously plan for a bulk

Design your bodybuilding diet plan with this step-by-step nutrition guide. Create a bulking diet for weight gain or a cutting diet for fat loss. Create a bulking … ... More

how to make easy pita bread at home

See more What others are saying "easy Pita Bread recipe (Baking Face Before And After)"" must roll very thin in order to get the pocket to form naturally. ... More

how to run faster without a track

13. Keep a journal. Running without purpose will take you nowhere in a hurry. Invest in a journal specifically for the purpose of recording your workout results so you can keep yourself accountable and on track. ... More

how to make cucumber caviar

9/07/2012 · Chef Peter Agostinelli of Epoch Restaurant and Bar shows how to make this sushi-like appetizer. ... More

how to make langostino lobster

This Seatech Chilean Langostino Meat blended with minimum ingredients for a full flavor delicious burger. Ingredients: Burger . 1 pound Seatech Chilean Langostino Meat ... More

how to make ginger juice for weight loss

Ginger will help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, reduce nausea and quell vomiting, and even kill cancer cells. You can also use ginger to make a special healing drink to detox your body and fight numerous diseases. ... More

how to make logo dj bola 2014

Get the latest independent tech news, reviews and analysis from Recode with the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media. ... More

how to make elote corn

Elote grilled corn recipe. Learn how to cook great Elote grilled corn . deliver fine selection of quality Elote grilled corn recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. ... More

how to best prepare legs for striplesswaxing

Waxing larger areas, such as the legs, does not work well with stripless wax. Instead, try a wax that is removed with a cloth, so you can cover more surface area. Instead, try a wax that is removed with a cloth, so you can cover more surface area. ... More

how to make wasabi sauce

Ingredients - ultra-thin edible film (round or square) - soy sauce in a spray bottle - sesame seeds coated in wasabi. Preparation. Always work with dry hands and on dry surface area when manipulating edible film. ... More

how to make a flash animation for free

Animation free download - Best answers 3d animation software free download full version for windows 7 - Download - Graphics Bryce animation software free download - Download - 3D ... More

how to make the autorole work on discord

Source: UNCTAD, Latest available data. Note: * The UNCTAD Inward FDI Performance Index is Based on a how to make cyberghost work with discord Ratio of the 1 last update 2019/01/04 Country's Share how to make cyberghost work with discord in Global FDI Inflows and its Share in Global GDP. ... More

how to make a honey mask for your face

Prepare a small bowl and mix honey with the used tea, remove the bag And the mix the tea and honey and apply it to your face…cover ur face and let it sit for 30 minutes while enjoying a cup of tea and cookies… After 30 min. Wash ur face with cold water aand pat dry with clean towel.. Don’t forget to use moisturizer. I do this everyday, makes ur pore smaller and removes blackheads ... More

how to ask a girl to meet up over text

3/06/2012 · When you ask a girl out to dinner, it’s a “date”. And when you ask a girl out on a date, you’re saying “I am now officially starting the courtship process.” When this is someone you have only met once, you have these problems; You put a lot of social pressure on the both of you to treat this as a “date”, and you barely know each other; You’re requiring the both of you to ... More

how to make a fabric bow for a wreath

Tie a large bow over the place where you sewed the ends of the braid together. If you used busy Christmas patterns or plaids, then you are ready to hang your wreath. If you used solid colors, you may wish to add additional accents to your wreath to make it look more festive. ... More

how to open acoconut rba bank

About the Reserve Bank of Australia Museum. The Museum was established to educate visitors about Australia’s banknotes which are an everyday symbol of our nation, mirroring who we are and how we have seen ourselves over the years. ... More

how to make a facebook banner video

Facebook slideshow ads are video-like ads that use motion, sound and text to tell your story beautifully across devices. They load quickly, so they play well on every connection speed. Unlike some video ads, slideshow ads are quick and affordable to create.You can create a slideshow ad in minutes from desktop or mobile and use it to tell a story that develops over time. You can even create a ... More

how to prepare pani puri in tamil

The recipe details out how to make Pani Puri step by step. The detailed explanation makes Pani Puri so simple and easy that even beginners can try it out. The recipe for Pani Puri can be tweaked in a lot of ways to make it more interesting. So, the next time you have a party at home do not forget to check out the recipe of Pani Puri from BetterButter. ... More

how to make face pores smaller

Learn how you can make your large pores look smaller. Read the ways to clean your pores on the face to make them look better. Read the ways to clean your pores on the face to make them look better. Skincare by Alana ... More

how to make string bracelets with 3 strings

Friendship bracelets make great Valentine's and party favors. For each color, cut a length of string about 2 to 3 arm lengths long. Step 2: Tie loop. Gather all of your strings together. Find the middle of the strings and fold in half. Tie a knot to make a loop. Make sure your loop is big enough for your strings to go back through later. This is the loop you'll send your strings back ... More

how to make a picture snow globe

This picture also shows the basic concept for how to assemble the snow globe. You build your object and glue it to the inside of the lid. Then you can just insert it right into the water filled jar. You build your object and glue it to the inside of the lid. ... More

how to play game of thrones risk

Only one can sit on the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones takes Risk to an epic level! 2 game boards, 3 ways to play, 7 armies, and over 650 pieces. Game of Thrones takes Risk to ... More

how to put a camera in your shoe

But a speedlight is basically just a small flash that is capable of attaching to the hot shoe on top of your camera, or being fired off-camera. Once you have your speedlight, you … ... More

how to develop a nursing care plan

Before the nurse can develop the nursing care plan, there must be a data base from which to derive nursing diagnoses. Data collection begins with the nurses first ... More

how to say praise in spanish

If you want to know how to say praise in Spanish, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Spanish better. ... More

how to run maya 2017 after windows update

I update Windows to 1703 version and Autodesk Maya 2017 stop working. More specifically, it simply stop launching. More specifically, it simply stop launching. I did a clean uninstall of all the Autodesk software and reinstall, I only manage to make it work with Maya 2016. ... More

how to make a beanstalk for jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is such a fun fairy tale to read and learn about! Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the first fairy tales I remember reading and learning about when I … ... More

learn how to play bridge tutorial

From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge, this game allows you to determine the trump suit, predict the number of tricks you can take and practice play of the hand. Learn to Play Bridge (LTPB) An interactive, learn-as-you-play web-based program powered by BridgeBase robots. ... More

how to make 100 percent game dev life

To convert a decimal to a percent, multiply the decimal by 100, then add on the % symbol. An easy way to multiply a decimal by 100 is to move the decimal point two … ... More

how to make sugar wax with honey

When honey bees are between 12 and 20 days old, they develop a special wax-producing gland in the abdomen of their bodies. This special gland converts sugar from the honey into a waxy substance and deposits flakes of the substance on the abdomen. ... More

how to make a company better place to work

Just follow these steps and make your organization a happy place to work. balance the needs of their professional as well as personal lives better. So, strict log in timings can be done away ... More

how to make black dye mineraft

red:use bone meal for the flowers for red dye black:use inc sacs . Reply ↓ Tyler2 November 2, 2014 at 12:19 AM. 52 days to Christmas! I would like for some exclusive challenges on Christmas day like make a infinite snow generator and build a igloo . Reply ↓ crimsoncobra January 1, 2015 at 2:40 PM. I laughed at how many questions you get about the basic things of minecraft. Reply ... More

how to make a life jacket

Watch video · But the four-year-old fish's owner came up with ingenious lifejacket, built out of recycled tubing that allows him to swim! The life jacket took Einstein's owner three hours to make, building it ... More

how to ask for a pay rise reddit

Women overwhelmingly tend not to ask for raises whereas men are quite aggressive in doing so. Don't be a part of that. Anytime you find yourself putting this much overthinking into whether or not you should ask for a raise, or a promotion, or more challenging work - the answer is yes. ... More

how to run windows on mac without bootcamp

15/08/2018 Probably the most common reason Mac owners use Boot Camp is to play Windows-only games. For instance, PC MMOs such as Star Trek Online, Tera , and Star Wars: The Old Republic only run on Windows. ... More

how to make ddr pad

DDR Game is the pioneer designer in Metal Arcade Dance Pads. Since many companies replicate the designs of our Metal Pad v3.0 and Arcade Metal v2.0, their mass productions lead to poor quality and ruined the reputation of our original metal pads. ... More

how to make cheesecake topping thicker

Meanwhile, make no bake cheesecake. With an electric mixer beat together cream cheese, sour cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. With an electric mixer beat together cream cheese, sour cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. ... More

how to make an elsa costume no sew

"DIY last minute Disney Elsa Costume. Create this no-sew tutu dress with a glitter snowflake cape for Halloween or a Disney Frozen party!" "come fare una gonna tutu" "this is for an elsa costume but i wanna be belle" "How to make a tutu skirt and sooooo many more DIY dress up ideas" "Tulle skirt tutorial (DIY Disney Elsa Costume - A Pumpkin And A Princess)" Frozen. Ana Frozen Frozen … ... More

how to make a roblox sear minecraft


how to raise money for marching band

Patrick Dangerfield recalls his reaction when he first heard where the Belaire High School marching band was planning to go for its upcoming trip. ... More

how to make anime head

In this Insructable, I will be showing you the basics of drawing anime heads. It is advisable that you create your own style for eyes. These guidelines shall make drawing easier for you. The same guideline concept is used for real life drawings. ... More

how to make a animation on fla

The finished file is in the source file masking.fla, but we will show you how to create this from scratch. 1. This is the animation we are going to be making. Now lets make it. 2. Before we create this animation, its good to know that usually you should be working in 30 Frames per Second or higher. Flash's default frame rate is 12, but you can set it by choosing the selection tool (v) and ... More

how to say break in french

Break a leg is " merde " or " je vous/te dis merde". Vous for someone with whom one is less familiar, te for a friend. The gorgeous part is a question of gender " mon be … au" for a man, " ma ... More

how to pay online with credit card

3/01/2017 · This video is about how to complete your credit card payment online through Net banking. This video facilitates payment of a Registered HDFC credit card. Sub... This video facilitates payment of … ... More

how to put games on smartphone

Smartphones are coming with amazing hardware specifications, making them capable of running graphics-intensive games. However, that doesn’t mean we should leave all the classics behind. ... More

how to make scale mail gauntlets

Dragon Scale Gauntlets Knitted Dragonhide Armor Elbow Length Custom Made for You. Armures Drake Cosplay Armor Cosplay Costumes Medieval Scale Mail Chainmaille Waffen Dragon Scale Armor. Shiny silver scales gleam against the black yarn of these Dragonhide Scalemail Armor knitted gauntlets. Designed to go all the way to elbow and follow the curve of your arm. Dragonhide Gauntlets: the look … ... More

how to make perfect aeropress

2/09/2017 The Aeropress is a cheap travel coffee maker it costs less than 50$ and its quite easy to use, as well as attractive for its design. It consists of two elements, a cylinder and a plunger that make it look like a syringe. ... More

how to prepare distilled water at home

21/05/2010 · Seems like it's not worth the trouble since you rarely top off the battery and the supermarkets sell distilled water. However you can buy portable water distillers for use in the kitchen to make distilled water at home. ... More

how to make natural foundation

Many makeup experts suggest using a foundation that is slightly lighter than the natural skin tone so that you avoid looking like youre wearing a mask. Note that liquid foundation tends to look darker in the bottle than it will look on your skin. ... More

how to make crostini uk

10 Recipe Ideas for Crostini 10 Recipe Ideas for Crostini. Pin. More. View All Start Slideshow. With these party-perfect snacks, youll be the toast of the town. Start Slideshow 1 of 11. Pin. More . Roast Beef and Pomegranate Crostini Grant Cornett. ... More

how to play st math at home

As students play, Prodigy collects information on the game features they interact with, math skills they encounter, and questions they answer (hereinafter referred to as "Performance Data"). Prodigy uses a student's Performance Data to customize their educational experience, including finding an optimal path through Prodigy's math curriculum. ... More

how to make a custom ringtone android

For calling, t his feature enables users to have a different ringtone for WhatsApp calls and cellular calls so that the calls can be differentiated by listening to the ringtone itself. Moreover, you can set custom WhatsApp ringtones s for different groups as well as contacts. ... More

how to make your mac connect to the internet automatically

Arrange Your Desktop. Assuming you already have an idea of the apps you want to use, launch them and get them all arranged in their right place so you know what you're working with. ... More

how to play super hexagon

Test your reaction skill and timing abilities in Super Hexagon Online. A rhythm game with music by chiptune-fueled music. With minimalist design and fast-paced action. ... More

how to say menu in portuguese

Portuguese phrases (Food and Drink). 1000s of useful Portuguese words & phrases for travellers to Portugal. For students of Portuguese, holidays in Portugal, and business people. For students of Portuguese, holidays in Portugal, and business people. ... More

how to open sky factory 3 server

At first FMA204 device will have default factory settings set. These settings should be changed according to the user's needs. These settings should be changed according to the user's needs. Device can be configured to acquire and send data to server, in this case the GSM settings shall be set in regards with GSM operator's information. ... More

how to make lobby private on fortnite

The button to send ‘Fortnite’ Invite Codes is very visible in the lobby. Epic Games/DSIGDIZ @ YouTube . Here’s how you send them out. If you have codes available, you’ll see the button for ... More

1 baby socks how to make them

These knitted socks protect your feet from the elements with style to spare! Nothing protects your feet better from the elements (and from heavy winter footwear) better than a handmade pair of socks, which makes them perfect to give as a gift. And theyre so quick to make, youll have plenty of ... More

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how to make soy candles at home australia

Make your own soy candles, tea light and melts to take home. Here at Johanna's Gifts & New Age we will teach you the basics on making your own soy candles, tea lights and melts. We will give you the safety tips needed and step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on how to make your very own candles, tea and melts. This is a hands on class and you will make to take home - 1 soy jar candle

how to make online survey google docs

The How To Make An Online Survey Google Docs Format Of Questionnaire For Project How To Make Fast Money In A Day Result. Some How To Make An Online Survey Google Docs Format Of Questionnaire For Project between Earning Money Ideas and Cash In 24 Hours that How To Make An Online Survey Google Docs Format Of Questionnaire For Project Get Free

how to say hello miss in spanish

This answer is for Spanish spoken in Spanish by Spaniards. "Hello, young beautiful lady" would be a word to word answer. "Señorita" can be translated by Miss …

how to make a plait

This sausage plait recipe uses shop-bought pastry and simple ingredients, making it very easy to put together.

how to make chainmail armor on minecraft

Some simple Chainmail for my avatar. Feel free to take. Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Chainmail Armor, was posted by RavenDirk. Feel free to take. Download skin now!

how to make something spring loaded

spring-loaded, as described in David Beck's answer. It is possible to make these semi-auto or auto by using a motor to draw back and release the spring, but I haven't seen this done except by companies like Nerf (eg. Stampede, Vulcan).

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Wales: Barry WAL, Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Swansea WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 4D7